Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Over this past weekend, Dan and I discovered the best little town ever. There were three antique shops right in a row! If you know my province then you know that there aren't an abundance of neat, clean, well-priced antiques. There was one large one that smelled amazing, one beautiful, well-curated one, and one flea market, diamond in the rough style antique shop. I was a good girl and only came out with one item: a piece of Pyrex in the prettiest shade of green.

My favourite shop (of course!) was the beautiful, well-curated one. I knew that I had to take a lot of pictures because if you're a Bluenoser, you just wouldn't believe me without proof. I'm thinking that I need to load up a carload of girls and make an antique road trip! I'm not going to lie, Dan was really into it, too. One of the shops had some great boy-friendly finds, and there was so much beautiful furniture, windows and doors around that he couldn't help but fall in love.

Here's a few photos from my new favourite shop:

Beautiful, eh? Drop me a note if you'd like to learn the location of this shop! I don't have the name of it and can't seem to find it online but I can give a mean list of directions. If you want to go on a road trip, you know I'm game! As Dan said, "this place is like Anthropologie" which he knows is one of my most favourite places. Antique lovin', handcrafted, character lookin' me.

Are you into antiques? Tell me your favourite find!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. gorgeous! i don't know if i'd've been able to resist that stained glass window - *happy sigh.* wish i was close enough to join you for a jaunt :)

    1. I wish that, too! Any chance of a visit in the near future?! :)


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