Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hello Spring : Polka Dot Soup Wardrobe Update 2013

Happy Spring! Nothing like the first day of spring to make you want to get out your pretty bright colours! I had a snow day today - school was cancelled on the first day of spring. Too funny - we're in a snow belt where we live, so I shouldn't be so surprised. 

In an ever-constant attempt to downsize and simplify, I took the time today to organize my closet. Dan and I share a closet, which makes it next to impossible to keep anything more than we need, but guess what? We both keep everything anyway, and our closet suffers because of it. Here's what I removed from my wardrobe to donate: 2 vests, 4 skirts, 6 blouses, 4 t-shirts, 2 blazers, 5 sweaters - wowee!

My constant battle is having lots of clothes, but not a lot of items that go together. I love colour and pattern, and because of that, unless I want to look like I'm from the looney bin, I don't have many coordinating pieces. I've managed to pare down my wardrobe and cull out some of the pieces that are hard to work with, or that I'm not in love with. On our trip last week, I took special care to only pack items that could be worn in three or more different ways. It made my week so much easier! 

I've been picking up items here and there over the past two months in preparation for warmer weather. The colour palette is fairly consistent, and the pieces go with items that I already have. I'm a bit of a cardigan addict, so I chose to purchase mostly sleeveless tops that I can wear under cardigans and blazers that I own already. My dear friend sent me a necklace and scarf that suit my style perfectly, so I'm adding them to my spring wardrobe assortment. I bought three tops and two cheery scarves (none of which were over $20) as a simple update. A mint and cream cardigan that I picked up at the end of last summer (regular price of $150 and I got it for $20! score!), a coral animal print top I received for Christmas, a thrifted coral tank, and two thrifted necklaces round out the mix. I'm set for spring!

How about you? What ways do you like to bring in new pieces to freshen your closet? Do share!

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