Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Little Lentil : 15 Weeks

I missed yesterday's weekly pregnancy update but a day late doesn't change the facts :) Each week, I've been sharing what stage of pregnancy I'm in so you can follow along on our baby's progress. Only five more weeks until we're halfway there! Here are a few of this week's facts:

Can you believe I've got a navel orange-sized baby inside me?!
Week: Fifteen

What's going on inside: The baby's legs are now longer than their arms, and all of their limbs have functioning joints. They're moving around like crazy in there, but I can't feel it yet. They can have hiccups now, as well. 

What's going on outside: I should be able to feel the baby between 16 and 20 weeks, so it's coming soon. I've had a few headaches over the past week, but an extra hour or two of sleep seems to be the solution. Since my energy levels have been back up a bit, I'm hoping to get outside for a few walks this week and enjoy the crisp fall air. Bit by bit, I'm gaining a baby belly instead of just regular belly chubs. :)

How big is that lentil? The baby's the size of an orange this week: about 4 inches long (from head to bum) and 2.5 oz.

Total weight loss/gain: No weight gain. I'm down about 20 pounds since the early weeks.

Food cravings: Not sure if it would be considered a craving, since I always love it, but I'm constantly wanting orange juice and any citrus flavours. I've been munching on clementines like nobody's business, and trying to keep my water intake up. My doctor recommended getting lots of protein, and that's something that I'm struggling with a bit.

Best moment this week: Having a moment to chat with another preggo chick about just how crazy this whole process is! Also, Dan and I are pretty close to deciding on our boy and girl name combinations for first and middle names. Exciting!

Happy Wednesday!

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