Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Little Lentil : 16 Weeks

Time sure is flying by! Here's my week 16 pregnancy update on the little bean:

Week: Sixteen

What's going on inside: Big milestone this week: the baby can hear! It's toenails are growing, and their scalp hair patterns are starting to form. The baby's little heart is pumping blood like crazy (about 25 quarts a day) and the facial features are getting more and more baby-like. 

What's going on outside: Feeling really good this week! I've decreased my medication, and even the evening sickness is getting a bit better. I'm loving leggings and stretchy waistbands... gotta love the fact that they're currently in style. I'm supposed to be transitioning to sleeping on my side, and it's a big adjustment (I'm normally a belly sleeper.)

How big is that lentil? The baby's the size of an avocado this week: about 4.5 inches long (from head to bum) and 3.5 oz.

Total weight loss/gain: No weight gain. I'm down about 20 pounds since the early weeks.

Food cravings: No cravings. I am hungry all the time, but as soon as I start eating, I lose my appetite. Trying to make my food choices positive ones.

Best moment this week: Learning that our baby can hear now! I'm ready to crank my favourite tunes so this kiddo comes out with a great taste in music ;) I took a glance through the baby section of our new Target this week and it felt really strange, but fun at the same time.

Guess what? I'm going to share a belly pic this week! Being conscious of my weight for as long as I can remember makes this part of pregnancy feel a little strange. Instead of belly chubs, having a baby belly is a bit mind-bending and is taking some serious mental work to get past. I wouldn't mind a prayer or two said on my behalf about those concerns, as selfish as it may seem be. Understandably, fitted stretchy shirts make the belly more prominent and I don't really have a loving relationship with that fit, lol. In the evenings my belly seems to grow exponentially. I won't be sharing weekly photos, but here and there I'll give a glimpse at my growing figure :) 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. You look so adorable Katie! Love reading your updates! Andrea

    1. Thanks, Andrea! It's fun to track the little bean's progress.


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