Thursday, November 21, 2013

Scenic Cape Breton Adventures

When transferring some photos off of my phone to my laptop, I noticed that there were so many beautiful shots of Cape Breton and adventures that we took in the recent past. I thought that I'd share a few with you, straight from the camera phone. What a lovely place to call home!

Dan and I took a little drive after work/school in October and came across the most serene cove decked out in autumn colours and a hint of fog. I got him to turn around and pull over so I could capture the moment. While we were pulled over, a tour bus went by and I was envious of the passengers: what a great time of the year to tour through Cape Breton!

Back in October, Dan, Rachel and I took our friends to the Skyline Trail, as this is their first year living in Cape Breton and had never done the hike. We took a few photos and fought the wind. We forgot about the difference in temperature further north, so it was a bit chilly without a hat, mitts, or scarf. It was my first time doing anything very physical after being so sick, but I took it nice and slow and had a great time!

How about you? Go on any fun adventures over the past few months? Do share!

Happy Thursday!

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