Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Little Lentil : 17 Weeks

I'm just taking a quick break from school assignments (boy - there are tons at this time of year) to pop in and share my weekly pregnancy update. Here are the facts for this week:

Week: Seventeen - three weeks to halfway!

What's going on inside: The baby's skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone, and the umbilical cord is growing stronger and thicker. They can move their joints, is developing some body fat, and their sweat glands are starting to develop. The baby is also practicing swallowing and sucking. Amazing!

What's going on outside: It took me a little longer than normal to recover from a weekend away this time. I'm dreaming like crazy, but still enjoying my sleeps. If I stand up too quickly or awkwardly, I get sharp pains below my stomach, due to the round ligaments growing and stretching (so happy it's not something to worry about!) I'm starting to get some back pain, but nothing that I can't tolerate.

Oh, hey baby! You look a little like an onion.

How big is that lentil? The baby weighs about as much as a turnip (5 oz) and is 5 inches long from head to bum. They're about the size of an onion, or the palm of your hand.

Total weight loss/gain: No weight gain - at my doctor's appointment this afternoon I was down another pound. I'm down about 20 pounds since the early weeks.

Food cravings: None so far - I did enjoy several delicious meals while in Halifax over the weekend. They were foods and restaurants that I'd crave anytime, preggo or not :)

Best moment this week: So many great moments this week! I spent the weekend in Halifax for my birthday and got to see some special friends that I miss dearly. Today, I had my doctor's appointment and heard the baby's heartbeat, loud and strong (so much louder than my last appointment!). The doctor was giggling at how active the 
baby is - and she said that I should be able to feel it any day!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. :) the heartbeat is always special to hear. Just wait until you feel lentil move!


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