Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dear Violet: One Month

Dear baby girl,

Well, Violet, we're one month into this gig. We got off to a rough start, but your healthy little self made each day a little brighter. We spent a lot longer recovering than I had planned on, but you're totally worth it. I'm sad that I missed out on our first few days together, but we've more than made up for it in the time since. Watching you grow, change and develop seemingly every minute is an amazing thing to witness.

Watching you and your daddy interact is incredible. During our first rough week together, you guys really bonded in a special way that was entirely God-sent. If the situation had have been any different, I don't think that you would have had quite that opportunity. He loves you so much - his face lights up the moment that he spots you. He's been there every step of the way, falling into his role of a parent with ease. Not even your stinky diapers scare him… well, maybe a little ;) Seeing you two together makes me love you both even more than I ever thought possible.

Violet, you've been showered with grandparent love from all angles. Your grandparents adore you - they were each such a huge help during the first month. Your Nana flew in from Alberta to spend time with you within two weeks of you being born. Your Nanny MacLean spent so many hours with us, both at the hospital and once we got home: she love you girlie, her very first grandchild. Both she and your daddy were great mama stand-ins when I wasn't feeling so great. Your Gampy was delayed in meeting you, as fate would have it, but once he arrived he soaked up every moment he could spend with you. Your MacLennan grandparents did the same - everybody loves a Violet snuggle.

You got to meet so many new friends! I can't wait until you begin to recognize their faces and voices like you do with your mama and daddy. Between your baby shower and all of the drop-in visits, we were able to introduce you to a lot of awesome people. Everyone is so eager to be a part of your life… and no wonder. You're once special little kiddo.

Already, you're ten pounds and 22.5 inches long - you've grown so much since you were born. (Although I'm writing this a week after your last measurements, and I know that you're even bigger now! Wowza!) Because of our complicated start, you weren't too quick to gain weight and get back to your birth weight. Once you started gaining, you little stinker, you just don't seem to want to stop. Your new-found love of food is satisfying our health nurse and doctor… I think they may have created a milk monster. There's not much of a worry of you not thriving!

Your looks are already beginning to change. You're losing that newborn dark blue eye colour, and I think that you'll have your daddy's bright blue eyes. What a lucky girl! You're keeping your mop of hair, but it's getting so much lighter than when you were first born. I think that you may end up being a ginger as a child, just like your mama. Your uncle will be excited to share his hair colour with you.

Baby doll, I'm excited to document each month that I spend with you. Writing up this little letters to you is such a neat thought - someday I'll get to share them with you. Together we can read them and giggle at all of the silly things that you do. For now, I'm content with cuddling your warm little body and kissing your sweet nose.

Love always,
Your mama.

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  1. So, so lovely, Katie. :) And that was good to read about the texts in your "Multitude Monday" post, I'll send you more of those. :)


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