Thursday, February 23, 2012

Little Paint on the Prairie

Do you guys remember this painting that I made a few months ago? Well, I couldn't get comfortable with it. It was just a super quick project and the lines weren't straight. Every single time I try to tape and paint, the paint bleeds. No fun. The colours weren't really working for me either - they'd work in an outfit, or in a room that I was starting from scratch, but in our existing decor? Umm, nope. Soooo... I started from scratch.

I used the same canvas and got my some loose inspiration from a piece of fabric. I adored the colour combination - I mean, mint green, mustard, and brights? Sign me up! I got to use some fun new Martha Stewart paint that I got for Christmas, too. (As a side note, my colours and lighting are all over the place. I'm no photographer, alright? The colours are most accurate in this photo and the last photo in the post.) Here's what I ended up with:

I had so much fun! I took my time and painted over the course of a week, enjoying every moment. Sometimes I get crafting and lose interest really quickly, but I couldn't wait to spend time on this painting. The colours and imperfection suit me perfectly. Here's a closer look:

I had originally stuck the piece with my other green paintings in our hallway:

... but I'm not sure if I want it in the hallway or not. I do have another painting that I can put in its place. This morning, I moved the painting to a cozy little corner in the living room:

I like it in both places! Our living room really needs more bright items. We have several pieces of furniture that feel dark and heavy, so the colourful painting is a nice addition. I love each time item that we have in our home, but sometimes they just don't work together. I'll give the painting a few days in its new location and then go from there.

I'm off to pick up a few essentials in town (dog food and garbage bags, anyone?), hopefully drop in to say hi to a friend and then it's home on the range for the evening. Man, I love having the winter off! Spoiled! Have a great day!

Happy Thursday!

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